Bladder pain

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The painful bladder, interstitial cystitis and the chronic pelvic pain syndrome are a range of serious and very debilitating conditions that affect the bladder. Frequently occurring with other symptoms such as incontinence and frequent voiding (urgency) they need specialist assessment, investigation and treatment. his range of conditions differ from a bladder infection which is caused by bacteria. Affecting women more than men, symptoms are very varied requiring treatment tailored to the severity of the disease. Caused by chronic inflammation within the bladder different treatments are necesary if symptoms are to be relieved. Treatments may include dietary modification, drug therapy or surgery.


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Assessment and treatment concentrate on identifying the underlying problems with the bladder. Your specialist will need to talk through your symptoms with you (History) and then examine you. The investigations required are very variable but include flow tests, a bladder scan or urodynamics (pressure testing of the bladder). Your specialist may ask you to record your fluid intake and how much urine you produce each day (input/output chart), aswell as the extent of the pain (download bladder pain questionnaire). You may need a cystoscopy (bladder examination). [/tab]