Blood in the urine

Blood in the urine

Blood in the urine (haematuria) can be either visible or invisible. Visible blood is seen as red urine, which can be at the beginning, end or throughout the urine stream. If the bleeding is heavy it can cause clots to form, which are then passed as lumps or can cause difficulty in voiding. Even 1 part blood in 100mls of urine (1%) looks very red (as illustrated). The bleeding may be painless or associated with pain or a burning sensation

Non-visible bleeding is usually picked up by testing the urine as part of a general health screen or because of difficulty in voiding due to pain.

Many conditions can cause blood in the urine, including cancer, infection and inflammation of the urinary system. The risk of cancer is higher for people with painless visible bleeding, but all bleeding should be taken seriously and discussed with your Doctor.


There are many tests that people who have blood in their urine may require. After a consultation and examination by a Doctor, these may include blood and urine tests, a scan of the kidneys and bladder and a cystoscopy (telescope test to look at the bladder).