Foreskin problems


It can be normal for boys not to be able to pull back (retract) their foreskin, but most adults should be able to. This is important for hygiene reasons, and inability to clean beneath the foreskin can lead to inflammation (redness), infection or very rarely cancer. A tight foreskin can be painful, especially during sexual intercourse and can crack, bleed and scar. A tight foreskin can become progressively narrow and can block the stream of urine.

If you are worried about this problem, it is best to discuss it with a Doctor.


The most frequently offered treatment for a tight foreskin in adults is circumcision. It is the most commonly performed surgical procedure in the world. It is performed for religious and medical reasons. Medical reasons for performing circumcision include tightness, repeated bleeding or cracking on intercourse, infections, or a concern about penile cancer. Some men have a foreskin that is not tight, but cannot be pulled back fully because it is tethered by a tight band of tissue to the penis, called the frenulum. If this is the only problem it might be treated by a less invasive procedure to release the frenulum, called frenuloplasty.

Our Consultants have many years of experience at treating this problem and will be able to advise about the best management.