Flow problems


Problems with urinary flow are common and can affect both males and females. It is especially common in men as they age, in whom the prostate is the main cause of this problem. Other symptoms associated with reduced urinary stream include hesitation before starting to flow, dribbling after finishing the flow, incomplete emptying and splitting or spraying of the stream. Causes include prostate enlargement or less commonly prostate cancer, narrowing (stricturing) of the water pipe (urethra) in both males and females and other blockages such as stones or a tight foreskin in men.

If you are worried about your urinary flow, the best approach is to discuss this with your Doctor.


Poor urinary flow does not necessarily require treatment especially if it is not bothersome. However, there are some serious causes and it is worth discussing this problem with a Doctor. A medical assessment may include a discussion and examination by a Doctor, a urine and blood tests, a questionnaire that scores the symptoms (download questionnaire), a flow speed test and ultrasound of the bladder. Once serious causes have been excluded,  treatment depends on the cause and might include monitoring, medication or surgery.