Testicular cancer


Although rare, testicular cancer is one of the commonest cancers to effect young men. The commonest types of testicular tumour called Germ Cell Tumours are rare before puberty, and most commonly occur in men aged between 20 and 40 years old.

Most testicular Tumours can be felt, which is why regular self examination of the testicles is recommended: this is especially important in those patients how have, or have had an undescended testis, which is a risk factor for testicular cancer. Rarely testicular Tumours also cause pain. There are many alternative causes for pain and swelling of the testicle and an ultrasound scan is often used to discriminate between these conditions.

If you are worried about the possibility of having testicular cancer, the best approach is to discuss this with your Doctor.


Treatment usually involves surgery to remove the testicle and then referral to a specialist cancer centre for either chemotherapy, radiotherapy, further surgery or occasionally just observation. Cure rates using these treatments are very high, with over 90% of patients with Germ Cell Tumours cured.