Testicular swelling

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Testicular swellings are common in both adults and children. There are many explanations, but the most important one to exclude is testicular cancer. Other causes include-

-Fluid around the testicle (hydrocoele)

-Epididymal cyst



-Dilated veins (varicocoele)


All men should examine their testicles regularly, to check for new swellings, and if one is detected it is advisable to discuss the problem with a Doctor. Examination alone can often diagnose the problem, however, if there is doubt an ultrasound scan is simple to perform and adviseable.


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Testicular swellings often do not need treatment as long as there is no suggestion of testicular cancer or hernia. However, if the swelling is very large or uncomfortable, surgery or other  treatment may be advised, depending on the condition. The Consultants at the Staffordshire Urology Clinic have many decades of experience at treating testicular swellings and will be able to advise the best treatment.