Ejaculation problems


Ejaculation problems include premature ejaculation, pain on ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation (no or little emission) and delayed ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is the commonest disorder of men aged less than 40, with at least 30% of men experiencing the problem. It is defined as persistent ejaculation before the wishes of both partners. It can happen for many reasons including anxiety, but rarely has a serious cause.

Pain on ejaculation can be associated with prostatitis, and retrograde can be due to prostate surgery such as TURP or due to a problem of nerve control of ejaculation (a common cause of this may be diabetes).


A careful assessment is usually all that is required in all men with ejaculation problems.


Our Consultants may recommend a range of treatments for ejaculation difficulties. These may include:


-physical treatments


-desensitising creams for premature ejaculation