Medico-Legal Reports

Anurag Golash

A Medical Report from an Expert is often essential in Medico-legal cases. Such Experts must understand both the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules,  but must also understand his/her role in the litigation process and how the medical report is used by lawyers and the court. The expert must comply with the GMC guidelines and must answer relevant questions accurately using language and terminology that will be readily understood by a non-medical audience.

Therefore the expert must, for example, address issues such as:

– How long will the present effect and consequences of the injury probably continue?

– What restrictions in activity does the claimant have as a consequence of the accident and what is the likely impact on possible future employment of such restrictions?

– As a result of the injury what is the percentage risk of requiring an operation in a particular number of years from now?

Mr Golash has interest and training in providing such reports. Your Solicitor can arrange an appointment by ringing 01782 382507 for an appointment at the North Staffordshire Nuffield Hospital or can contact us by e-mail. Sample reports and a Curriculum Vitae for Mr Golash can be provided to your Solicitor on request.