Men’s Health evening

A very enjoyable and informative evening was spent on 3rd April 2012 at the Leek Golf Club discussing Men’s Health issues. About 35 members of the club joined 3 Consultants from the Staffordshire Urology Clinic and a senior Nursing Sister from the University Hospital of North Staffordshire to discuss a number of topics. The meeting was introduced and chaired by Mr Liu.

Mr Luscombe first talked about the prostate including it’s position, function and problems that it might cause, such as a poor urinary flow, prostatitis and prostate cancer. He went on to talk about appropriate tests, including the use of PSA testing, and treatments ranging from monitoring, drug therapy and surgery for each of the problems. This generated a large number of questions from a very interested and enthusiastic audience, especially concerning prostate cancer and surgery such laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and laser prostate surgery.

Mr Gommersall then talked about a number of conditions including blood in the urine, erection problems, low testosterone and testicular swellings. Questions from the audience came thick and fast, with particular interest in the effects and treatment of low testosterone.

Informal discussions before and after the formal presentation were of great interest and the Staffordshire Urology Clinic would like to thank the Chairman and members of the golf club for their invitation, interest and warm hospitality.