Peyronie’s disease (bent erection)


A bent erection is relatively common and causes embarrassment, and if very severe it can cause sexual intercourse to be very difficult or impossible.. Some men are born with a rare congenital curvature, but most men with a bent erection develop it; a condition termed Peyronie’s disease. The cause of Peyronie’s is not known. It usually affects men age 40 and above, but is seen in younger men. In some studies it is seen in almost 10% of men. It is associated with age, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.


A careful physical assessment is usually all that is required in men with a bent erection; although occasionally some simple investigations such as blood tests are organised, especially if there are associated problems such as erection difficulties.


Our Consultants may recommend a range of treatments for Peyronie’s disease. These may include:


-Shockwave treatment

-Surgery to straighten the erection

-Implant surgery