Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy can be reversed to restore fertility. It is not always successful and the longer it has been since vasectomy the less successful it becomes. Our Consultants often use magnification to improve the surgery and have approximately a 90% success rates (first time reversal) at restoring sperm to the semen.

We reviewed the last 33 first time vasectomy reversal procedures performed by Mr Luscombe up until the end on 2017. We identified 25 patients who had provided post vasectomy reversal semen samples; of these 22 were positive for sperm. Of the 8 that did not provide semen samples some had already communicated a successful pregnancy. Thus, the patency rate is between 88% and 91%. This compares favourable to an average patency rate of 89.4% reported in a review of 6633 patients from the world literature. This review was reported by Herrel et al and published in the Journal Urology (2015 ).

After an initial consultation the Staffordshire Urology Clinic can arrange a vasectomy reversal for £3053 (correct 23/01/2013, but may change so please confirm directly with the Hospital). If you would like to discuss Vasectomy with one of our consultants please contact 01782 382507 and book an appointment.