Vasectomy Reversal

Why have this procedure?

Vasectomy can be reversed to restore fertility. It is not always successful and the longer it has been since vasectomy the less successful it becomes. Our Consultants often use magnification to improve the surgery and have an approximate success rate of 90% (first time reversal) at restoring sperm to the semen (known as patency rate). Unfortunately restoring sperm to the semen does not guarantee fertility as this depends on both whether the sperm are effective, and problems that may be affecting his sexual partner. There are other methods of having children after vasectomy called artificial reproductive techniques (including a method known as “test tube babies”). Our Consultants will help guide you through these choices.

Coming in for this procedure

The operation takes place under general anaesthetic, usually as a daycase. It involves making a small cut in the scrotum, finding the previously cut ends of the vasa (tubes that carry the sperm from the testes to the body), and rejoining this tubes with very fine permanent stitches. The scrotum is then repaired with stitches that dissolve over the next couple of weeks. It is adviseable to rest for a week and wear supportive underwear for several weeks. The operation can cause bruising, bleeding and infection of the scrotum. It may rarely cause testicular damage and pain and is not always successful. There are rare risks that are common to all operation performed under general anaesthetic such as heart, lung or thrombosis problems.

Follow up after this procedure

There is not usually a need for formal follow-up, although any problems should be reported to the clinic and a review may be organised. The Clinic will usually ask for a semen sample several months after the operation to test for the presence of sperm. Although the presence of sperm does not guarantee a pregnancy, it does mean that the surgery has been successful and that fertility is possible.

What next?

If you would like to discuss vasectomy reversal then please contact us and book a consultation with Mr Sam Liu or Mr Christopher Luscombe. After the consultation if you wish to procede with vasectomy reversal the Staffordshire Urology Clinic can arrange it at the North Staffordshire Nuffield Hospital.