Prostatitis means inflammation of the prostate gland and can be acute or chronic (lasting months or years). It is very common and can cause a number of problems, which include-

Acute prostatitis is often caused by and infection, whereas chronic prostatitis (which is also known as chronic pelvic pain syndrome) is more likely to be caused by unresolved inflammation.

If you are worried that you may have prostatitis it would be worth discussing the problem with a Doctor. Our Consultants regularly see and treat patients with this condition.[/tab]


Investigation of prostatitis starts with a discussion of problems and medical examination. A questionnaire can be useful to assess the severity of the problem. Blood, urine and semen samples may be requested and an ultrasound may be ordered. If symptoms fail to settle with treatment other scans and a telescopic bladder inspection (cystoscopy) may be required.


Our Consultants are very experienced at treating prostatitis. Acute prostatitis is often treated with appropriate antibiotics, painkillers and lifestyle advice. If the problem becomes chronic treatment becomes more difficult but various other treatments are available.