New overactive bladder drug Mirabegron (Betmiga) is given go ahead in Staffordshire

New overactive bladder drug Mirabegron (Betmiga) is given go ahead in Staffordshire

The new overactive bladder drug Mirabegron (Betmiga, Astellas) has recently been added to the joint Staffordshire drug formulary. This breakthrough drug in the treatment of overactive bladder and urgency urinary incontinence causes active relaxation of bladder muscle contraction and has been shown to reduce the number of times a patient voids during the day and decreases the number of incontinence episodes each day. This once a day treatment is the latest treatment for this debilitating condition with minimal side effects. At the Staffordshire Urology Clinic we continue to offer bladder botox injections, peripheral tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS) and in depth empathetic assessment, advice and treatment for all patients with bladder dysfunction.

Staffordshire Urology Clinic Train JCB nurses to perform point of care PSAwatch blood test

Lyndon Gommersall Consultant Urological Surgeon at the Staffordshire Urology Clinic joined colleagues from Mediwatch to train JCB occupational health  nurses to perform the finger prick PSAwatch point of care PSA blood test. This innovative project to test JCB employees over the age of 50 years at their place of work for prostate cancer has been developed in line with the national prostate cancer risk management programme. Promoting Men’s Health in the workplace is an important method of improving men’s early attendance to their doctor with symptoms that can lead to a diagnosis of cancer. By offering an information leaflet and the PSA point of care blood test men will get instant reassurance if their PSAwatch blood test is normal and have an ‘at work’  review by a Consultant Urological Specialist if a test is abnormal or other concerns are raised. For more information about PSA blood testing in the workplace please contact us 

The Staffordshire Urology Clinic can now offer immediate PSA tests

Bioscan-(UK-&-INT)_0The Staffordshire Urology clinic now offers immediate PSA tests to selected patients. The test uses the PSAwatch™ system and is the first rapid, quantitative point-of-care PSA test using whole blood. This system works with whole blood from a venous puncture or finger-prick, and measures PSA to one decimal place in the clinically significant range (0.5 – 25µg/l). Using PSAwatch allows a physician or nurse to provide their patients with a low cost PSA reading during an office or clinic visit, with no waiting.